• Início

  • 1938

    The commitment of Irga Lupércio Torres S.A. in Brazil began in the middle of 1938, when Lupércio Torres, son of Italian immigrants, acquired a small truck and founded, in São José do Rio Pardo, in São Paulo’s inlands, a company specialized in part load transport called Expresso São José. It was the first step in a long and successful path marked by work, pioneering, forward thinking and entrepreneurial spirit. Over the years, São José Transportes became Lupércio Torres Transportes, developing special projects and investing in human resources and high technology. The company did not take long to stand out and establish a solid partnership with IRGA in the special cargo and oversized cargo transport sector. Since then, IRGA Lupércio Torres S.A. never stopped participating in the country's progress. Thanks to its technical and operational expertise, the company’s name is marked in important projects, such as the construction of Itaipu Plant, hydroelectric, thermoelectric and nuclear power plants, along with many others national and international major projects.
  • 1948

    Transport of a transformer manufactured by GE
  • 1958

    São José Transportes
  • 1958

    Mack Truck – Transport for Onogás from Piracicaba/SP to Anápolis/GO
  • 1968

    1st machine to Transamazônica
  • 1968

    Transport of the 1 st Rolls Royce engine – Santos – “Feira da Inglaterra” at Ibirapuera Park
  • 1975

  • 1978

  • 1988


    80/90 decade
  • 1988

    CiaQuim - Alagoas

  • 1998

    Launch of counterweight with LTM 1400 crane and supporting of structures with LTM 1160

    Wood peeler - Klabin
  • 1998

    LTM 1400 Crane - Wobben - Ceará
  • 2008

    An extremely important alliance for IRGA's more than half a century of success has been the one made with Grancarga. It has allowed IRGA to develop cutting-edge technology for road, sea and river transport of super heavy and oversized special cargoes, besides moving and assembling with cranes, gantries or removal. IRGA was the first company in South America to achieve ISO 9000 certification in the transportation area of oversized by weight and/or dimension cargoes, crane rental, removal and industrial assembly.
  • 2011

  • 2014

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